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    Business Intelligence Suite

    Data Science for Micro, Small & Medium Enterprise

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    Real-Time + Location-Aware Applications

    Real Estate | Ride Share | Classifieds | Community Noticeboard

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    Out of Home Media Monitoring Systems

    Mobile Application + CRM + ERP

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    Supply Chain Management

    Sales & Distribution Solutions for Retail and Wholesale

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    Online Marketplace

    Web and Mobile Applications that power ecommerce and trade

Walking on water and developing software from a specification are easy if both are frozen.

- Edward V Berard



Hashbrown System Private Limited is an Indian Information Technology and Software Development company that designs, develops and deploys integrated enterprise solutions for small to medium business enterprises.


Hashbrown Systems serves the purpose of small to medium business and organizations nationwide, now recently, worldwide. We have a location aware real time cross platorm application called, ‘browze’. Our Outdoor Media Monitoring System is one of the robust pieces of cloud based CRM that you would encounter. Our system manages over one hundred thousand locations, a few hundred vendors and over seventy executives who work round the clock.

In the words of Cedric Daniels….to be continued.