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Automation is disrupting all business processes. While financial automation tools have been around for a while, with new technological advances and affordable costs because of cloud tech many processes can now be automated. Around 40% of the transactional accounting will be automated by 2020, according to Accenture’s Finance 2020 report. Tech savvy business leaders are unlocking new savings and generating business value by automating
finance function.

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Process Automation in Finance Function

Automation of mundane tasks in the finance functions like data collection and cleaning from millions of entries ERPs, accounting, cash disbursement, tax management and reporting can help save hundreds to thousands of man hours every year in the finance function. This time can be used better for analysis, planning and decision making.

  • Automation of accounting, payments, tax
  • Forecasting and Predictive analytics
  • Data cleaning and quality enhancement
  • Custom internal and external reporting
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Automated trading systems

Technology can automate parts or all the trade execution workflow and increase the productivity, quantity of orders and speed of execution that can be managed during a trading window. Be it equities, fixed income or FX, automation can make trading faster and efficient. Hashbrown Systems works with clients to build full zero-touch automation rules accounting for real-time dealer prices, qualitative data, historical data among a whole host of other data. We also automate proprietary algorithms that have been arrived at by clients with decades of unique knowledge and experience.

  • R, Python Automation
  • Real-time trade execution
  • Quantitative & Qualitative Analysis
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Risk Consulting and Services

Managing exposure to risk is becoming a practice of creating economic value in companies. Apart from the traditional risks like operational, credit, market risks, exposure to foreign exchange risks because of increase in overseas transactions and operations, and most importantly security and data risks because of increased digitization. Hashbrown Systems’ certified professionals are adept at identifying sources, measuring, and plans to address risks.

  • Risk Identification & Analysis
  • Risk Assessment & Evaluation
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Risk Monitoring

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